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“Toys I Had” Begins!

December 5, 2011

This blog is where I’ll be posting 3D renderings, 2D artwork and information about toys I remember from when I was a kid.

Modeling toys with 3DCG is fun, and a good starting point for interesting artwork.  Since my childhood years were long ago, my memory may not be entirely accurate in all details.  We will see how close I can come. I will tell fun stories about things that happened involving these toys.   In the 3D artwork, I’ll sometimes attempt to capture the style and look of things in the 1960s.  Sometimes I won’t.  Expect variety.   This is an art projects and limited autobiography, not journalism or decent reference material.

In some cases, the “toys” aren’t exactly toys, but something of interest to me in my single-digit or teen years.  (Or maybe yesterday.)   Some of these toys are of interest to collectors.   Some have been long forgotten, or for all I know, figments of my imagination.  In fact, I may put up a fake toy now and then just for fun, hee hee.  There might be an occasional post about some toy I didn’t have, perhaps even a guest post with someone else’s toy story.

In any case, I am not myself a collector or pay attention to that world, but certainly there is the possibility of exchange of information and images.

The crude first draft of this series started when I started the PhD program in Physics at Indiana University.  After classwork was done, I’d spend a half hour each evening making up a page with fast crude sketches of two or three toys and typewritten text describing them and any incidents of note.  Just for fun.   It was interesting to recall what toys I had, what I had forgotten all about but recalled after seeing a cousin’s kid receive an xmas present, or seeing something somewhere that reminded me.

After a while I put the dozen or so pages into a cheap binder and shelved it.  Now with the internet and blogging, combined with my lackitude of working on my personal website, I’d like to put some of this online, new and improved, for the entertainment and interest of others, and to show off my 3D skills.

This blog will link to, and I hope from, other blogs and sites about toys from all decades, and show ads to toy companies and related sites.  I invite links to pages and blogs by others with more information, photos, and artwork about the toys I show here.


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