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The Wheel, Humpty, and my Bed

January 11, 2012

The Baby Wheel, in extreme perspective!

This plastic wheel made jangling noises, and is probably my earliest memory ever, not counting the time my head came off and my parents took me to the doctor to have it reinstalled.  The wheel had four colored spheres embedded in its decorative network of struts or clown faces or whatever it was.  These sphere held object that rattled or jingled.  I was so curious to know what is inside that could make those sounds, I wanted to peek inside.  These were magic mystery orbs, and I wanted to know what made them work.

How to see inside?  I stood on my bed and held the wheel up high.  Then I let it drop, hoping for it to break and the mysterious contents, probably magic gems from another planet, would be revealed.

As I was dropping it for third time, Mom walks by the door and notices my investigation.  I am requested to stop, and so my research went on hold until I was old enough to take things apart carfully and use glue to reassemble them.  By then, though, I was no longer interested in that toy.

So there’s one of my earliest memories ever: Taking something apart out of curiosity and getting busted for it!

The most exquisitely beautiful object in the known universe!

From the same early time I also remember this Humpty Dumpty doll with red yarn hair.   Perhaps my mom made it, or some aunt, or perhaps it came from a store.  For some reason, I didn’t like it that much, at least that’s wrote I wrote in my notes back when I was in grad school.  Did it have a tie, or was it buttons?  That detail is fuzzy, but much of this doll is clear in memory.

Providing a place to rest for both those ancient toys is my bed, designed and built by my Dad.  It had openings on three sides for storage.  The side opening visible in the image had a shelf, and held my clothes.  The big opening at the foot of the bed held larger toys, or maybe more clothes.  As far as I know that bed continued to exist well past grad school, into the 21st Century.  Maybe my mom took it when she moved into her new house in 2003.

Very early toys and my bed

These images were created in Blender 2.61, with Humpty’s cheesy artwork created in Inkscape.  This work was quite educational, as I found the best way, or at least a not-so-bad way, to make dimples in the mattress, and to make realistic shapes for the wheel’s decorative structures.  I don’t think it was really all circles stuck together, but maybe there were animal shapes or circus clowns embedded in there.

Humpty was especially tricky to make look like it’s cloth.  It would help to have small wrinkles along where the seam would be, but alas my 3D modeling and UV texture mapping skills are not yet refined enough to do that well.  As it is, it looks too tensed up, like a balloon full of air. A few wrinkles and broad shallow dimples will help that.

The bed went together quite easily.  Just a rectangle, add a few loop cuts to allow a rectangular opening to be punched out, and adding elements for the curved opening and posts. The carpet is not like it really was; it’s just a photo of where I lived in Socorro NM last year.

But I must stop modeling and lighting, since life pulls on me to do other things.  Someday I’ll refine this scene, but it could be several weeks before I get to it.


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