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The Push-Popper

July 17, 2012

Fisher-Price calls it a “Corn Popper” but I never saw any connection with corn.  I never actually had this toy, but according to my mom, I wanted one when I was about three or four.  Some relative or friends had one.  

Today, if I had one of these in my hand, I’d probably get bored with it in less than a minute, but for the intended demographic, the Corn Popper is an object of great fascination.   My friend’s son, who married in the Navy, has a one year old and a three year old.  They play intensely with a toy, or garden hose, or a piece of food, for a while then drop it.  It’s a big world full of novelties for them.   

The picture shown here were made in Blender.  I used Inkscape and GIMP to create texture maps and the label wrapped around the base of the unit.    If I have a good chunk of free time later on, I may try animating this.





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