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Wooden Toy Car from a Real-Life Santa

December 25, 2013

This toy is not from my childhood, but for a future child’s playtime. I volunteer with several others in woodworking. Our leader, Joe, is a real-life Santa complete with toymaking shop. We are the elves!


With donated wood, starting in June or July, we saw and drill and hammer and glue, then sand and paint and shellac, until we have a few hundred wooden cars, airplanes, baby doll cradles, buses with little wooden people, and so forth. These are donated in December to needy children in Escondido and area through Interfaith Community Services.

Side view of wooden toy car

Side view of wooden toy car

These toys often come out so beautiful, I’m sure many adults find them attractive to keep on display at home. “No Junior, don’t finger up that beautiful wood sculpture!”

This car is one of the simpler items. I’ve borrowed one (oops, I should remember to return it) to make a 3D mesh and texture. The finished 3D model is available on TurboSquid


Trinity Toymakers has been in the local news:

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